Studioeditor Editor plugin

Will check it out . Have been looking for a decent WYSIWYG editor to make Grav useable for the nontechnical editors. And asking regularly when we can expect to resolve the license issues with NetGen Editor .

Was laying the research groundwork to write my own wysiwyg editor the last month or atleast fix the issues with the current HTML plugin with image selection etc .

Glad to see there are others who recognize Grav will never get the recognition it deserves until they fix the editor to support what content providers expect .
WYSIWYG experience … not a side by side preview …

Hello @saveva
Firs, thanks for your contribution of the Studioeditor plugin to Grav community.

Second, and aside this topic, sorry, you mentioned:

I also live in Spain, what would you suggest to avoid “doing computer s…tuff”? The situation here is really tough.
Thanks and regards.

No deeper feelings nor recommendations, just wanted to say, that there’s more to life than computer stuff… will refrain from doing “psychological” comments in the future as we can’t start discussions on how well or bad life may be here or elsewhere, that’s a highly personal perception apart from general circumstances… Frank Zappa said once in a concert when somebody in the audience started to shout and interrupt: Don’t kid yourself, everybody is wearing a uniform… You can always send a private message…

My point is that there should be several alternatives, side by side is great as well, StudioEditor offers this, and will help to feel more comfortable with markdown. Markdown has a lot of advantages, making it more accessible, that’s what StudioEditor offers, accessibility. But as I said, a WYSIWYG alternative would be great as well, it’s possible as you can save the html right within the .md file of a page but this comes at a price, if you switch the editor back to a markdown based editor you’ll probably need additional converters doing html2markdown. A complex discussion which should be decoupled from this thread.

Understood, thanks, but I do not wear uniform :smile:

New version v1.1.8 available. I’ve removed a lot of unused js libraries and updated quite a lot of the remaining which necessarily needed as well some initial code cleanup. Everybody Invited to test.

Link for direct install via your GRAV instance under tools/directinstall:


If you cannot install via admin you need to allow packages not included in the official GRAV repository. This can be done in Configuration / Advanced


which would be markedly easier to account for if here was an HTML block to allow mixing of html and markdown instead of assuming it must ALL be markdown.

I would love to see an actual list of advantages Markdown has over HTML in terms of content producer getting their job done .

You can do html, mix codes, problem now is you have to type html code, or paste it, for 2.0 I will prepare an html block inserter with wysiwyg that runs along with StudioEditor.

NextGen Editor offers html inserts but nothing close to WYSIWYG. In StudioEditor you can paste html code as well. Pasting code requires knowledge about what you’re doing.

I’ve tested the payed NextGen Editor locally as I found a code copy. StudioEditor is doing a better job from a user perspective, in my opinion, live preview with theme css attached is much more user-friendly. StudioEditor will maintain this in the 2.0 version. What’s true, NextGen Editor is WYSIWYG when it comes to editing itself. Let’s see, if I can close this gap at least a bit in version 2.0 of StudioEditor. Interesting challenge.

StudioEditor with Quark Theme active

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On the first try looks good, except these buttons:

Another observation : image is added with path like


I suspect it will break if I move page from one location to another. Also where to configure the sizes part? I would like to also add more options there, lightbox, for example.

I will write my next publication with it and will let you know, but it already looks amazing!!! Long time missing editor for GRAV!
Thank you!

Thx @Artiom. Glad that the current version loads within your instance as I’ll have to test this again.

There are several lightbox plugins for GRAV available, some rather good ones and it’s perfectly possible to manage the required code easily. Many years back, when I integrated StudioEditor into a private site, I felt obliged to “overload” StudioEditor and its “ecosystem” with a lot of content administration tools and gimmicks, like image gallery handling, etc. and many of these “overloads” and “leftovers” are still present while not used anymore. With all that said, I’m working hard on a 2.0 version which hopefully solves many of the limitations of the current version which was never maintained and never obtained any continuous development efforts. 2.0 will use an open framework that allows to integrate plugins of all kinds to handle structured code needs, e.g. a lightbox flavour support compliant with code requirements implemented via twig extensions, etc. My goal is to provide a good basis… open for others to :electric_plug: -in

@saveva in relation to my question here

I’ve noticed that your editor has a custom action for the + button on the picture. Could you point me to the code that is triggered on it? I would like to make it insert my custom options for each image.