Announcing a new plugin: Editable

Editable is a brand new plugin which enables users (writers) to edit page content in the front-end. A test release is available and comments, suggestions, improvements, etc. are welcome!

Depending on configuration and the editor of choice all page content or parts of a page can be made editable.

To make the plugin useful two editors are available as “add-ons”:

  • SimpleMDE Markdown Editor is a WYSIWYG-like editor in which users write in markdown and content is saved as markdown.
  • ContenTools is an “in context” WYSIWYG editor which save content in HTML.

The Editable plugin itself can be considered as a core onto which different editors can be installed as add-ons, making for a modular solution that can be extended and enhanced easily.

My intention is to enable developers to add front-end editing to the Grav websites they develop. I am aware that with enabling front-end editing many usability challenges come along. Also the issues with WYSIWYG versus(?) markdow n editing as described in the blog post Year in Review 2016 remain to be solved.
I hope we, that is the Grav community, will make it a joined effort to do so.

Screenshot SimpleMDE demo

Screenshot ContentTools demo

Awesome, just plain awesomeness. I been wait for this one.

well done !

Congratulations Ron! This is an amazing addition to the Grav universe.

Nice work ron.

Wow. Need to try this out pronto.

Really cool. Thank you bleutzinn

Thank you all for these kudos :blush:

♪ Great! Thank you ☆

Just wanted to bump this so more people see the plugin :slight_smile:

Thanks Janne.

I will submit the plugin to be added to the plugin resources on the Grav website which will increase it’s visibility.
However the plugin is still in test. But thing are looking good so far :grinning:
Any comments, good and bad, are welcomed! Is the plugin ready for production?