SSL error in local and live server


I have a site ( with SSL issues, both on live (with Cloudflare) and local versions. I suspect it may lie in Grav config (though I could be wrong).

The weird part is it was up and running until now (for 8 months) and without warning or intervention it broke (it wasn’t updated in that period). While debugging this, I updated it to confirm it wasn’t a lack of updates.

As an additional info:

  • This error happens in chrome and edge (not in firefox) and I can’t find a way to debug it.
  • Without https the site works fine;
  • https only fails with the site, it works in admin
  • Tested it with all plugins turned off with same result;
  • X-Forwarded-Proto is uncommented;
  • Force SSL is activated.

Can anyone give me any pointers on what to do?
I’m a bit lost.


Found the culprit.

For some reason the same file manifest.json that was required by chrome, was creating this problem. After commenting this line, the site was back online.