Special characters on Grav site


I’m building a very simple Grav site. In Dutch we use characters like ë in, for example, the word cliëntenraad. Grav doesn’t seem to know these characters, making cliëntenraad, for example, Cli�ntenraad. Is there a way to solve this? It doesn’t seem to matter which theme I use.

Using the default theme Quark Grav does a great job in dealing with non-standard characters.

When I use your example “cliëntenraad” in a page content (markdown) the possibly problematic character ë is shown as is in the rendered HTML page.

Can you please test with Quark and if the issue persists share more details about your config (use of Twig templates, language settings, plugins…)?

Hi bleuzinn,

I have activated the Quark theme, but even then some characters are not displayed correctly. The language is set to Dutch, I have only installed the plugins that are standard part of Grav Admin. The URL in question is https://website.artindekker.com.

@artinas, This has got little to do with Grav, but with character sets in general. If this were a Grav issue, Grav wouldn’t be useful in many countries…

Check the character set used by your editor. It should be UTF-8 which matches the character set expected by the browser.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="nl">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />

After changing the character set of your editor, replace the diacritics with the proper diacritics used by UTF-8.

See the last warning in the docs in paragraph Page Editing in chapter Basic Tutorial.

Thanks @pamtbaau , that was indeed the solution.