Problems with vowel mutations

In germany we have vowel mutations like ä,ö or ü and a special s-character “ß”. Wenn I use one of these characters in a .md-file the output is a little bit crashed. You see all the variables from the page header. How do I prevent this? Is there an option I can set to modify something like a codepage

We had a similar question on the forum a few weeks back:

Basically it’s the Google font being used. I gave some suggestions about how to change the charset in the Google font declaration of the SCSS. It will require recompiling the SCSS after.

If that doesn’t work then you can change the font to something that does have support for those characters.

What is your skill level here? That would help me know how much information to provide to you. Cheers.

I never had contact with compiled css, but I’ll give it a try.
By the way I don’t thnk, that this is the problem.
When I put an character “Ä” in the content section, the page is rendered in the following way:

  • First line is a
    (this seems to be the ‘—’ above the title-variable)
  • Second line is: title: Home
    After that the content is rendered as given.
    I’ll tinker and keep you up to date…

so it’s displaying the header as content? can you paste me the exact contents of the .md file between ``` (three back-ticks, new line, your .md, then three back-ticks)

yes, exactly! - But this happens only, when I use any vowel mutations.
This is my header:

title: Home

ok,… this posting of my header was now grabbed by your posting tool to render a grey box… XD

can you give me the whole page? i kinda need to ensure the --- yaml dividers are correct etc, also this lets me paste into my test site for testing. Please provide me the content of that entire .md file that gives you the problem. I need to replicate it. Thanks!

ok, I uploaded the .md-file here:

So you are not seeing this:

my page content is like this:

no, it looks like this:

Are you running the latest version of Grav? I really don’t see why you would have it render differently to me unless there was something that we fixed a while ago.

yes, I downloaded grav a couple of days ago. But I mixed up between the official download (0.9.5 beta) and the skeletons blog site and one page site. Perhaps that were the issues

If you have access to a terminal, and can run commands, the easiest way to upgrade is via GPM

If that is not viable, you can download the update package from the Downloads page. Make a backup of your site first, but then you should extract this update package on-top of your current Grav installation. It will replace the necessary files.

Thank you very much for your efforts!
I’ve got no access to a terminal. I downloaded the update package und replaced all files. The only thing I had to adjust, was this line 298 in Grav.php (commenting out set_time_limit(0):wink:
But it had no effect…

I strongly suggest that any kind of web development should be done first locally in a development environment. After things are working properly, you should then copy/synchronize to a production /live server.

The main reason for this is that it’s much simpler, faster, and more efficient to develop your local computer that you have complete access to. This particular issue is a case in point. This could be any number of things, and without a working copy on your local environment, we’re both going to spend ages trying to isolate the issue.

No matter if you run windows, or a mac, setting up a local webserver is not a complicated thing, and you will make up any small amount of time in the increased efficiency of your development process.

Trust me i’ve been doing this for many, many years :slight_smile:

Ok, I will heed that! Thank you very much again!

And if you have local you will be able to use GPM to update Grav and your plugins easily. Then you can just upload the entire folder to your live site when your ready to update it. Easy peasy :slight_smile:

The problem was solved!
The solution was:

  • save .md-file in UTF-8 format
  • customize the .htaccess with “AddDefaultCharset utf-8” (it was ISO-8859-1)
    Nevertheless, thank you very much for the support!

Ah, yes UTF-8 format for the markdown file would be needed. My editor does it automatically (SublimeText), but I will document that in the docs. Thanks for finding it!

Ok notes added in the Tutorial and on the Pages ‘page’.