Solution to have a RSS feed of this forum!

Hi all,

I know there was a topic (in archives) asking for a RSS feed providing, and that the staff already responded that Muut (the technology behind this forum) doesn’t allow for RSS creation due to a complex page generation.

Thankfully, I found the only RSS online feed provider able to make it work :man_mechanic::

You’ll need to register first in order to create feeds, and then you can paste your links. Just for the record : they use a non-credential login, so each time you want to retrieve your account, you need to click “login” and they send you an e-mail with a connexion link. And then you can reach your online account (they only store your e-mail and feeds).

Except that, it works perfectly : click on “Webpage to RSS feed” (they propose many apps, to make most famous websites to work directly), paste the link to the Grav forum ( ), and click “generate”. Then, paste the generated link into your RSS software.

All other providers I tested failed. This is the only one working ! :four_leaf_clover:

PS : I also tested all RSS softwares on Windows (included “GreatNews”), and the final one I chose, for its perfect UI, is QuiteRSS. Its options are extended too.