Podcast RSS Question

How are the feeds for RSS in Grav generated? Is there a way to have a separate RSS feed for podcasts only (not tied to the blog RSS)? Has anyone setup a successful iTunes feed for podcasts?

Thank you Grav devs and community for your always useful input.

Hi, you can pick the RSS feed from iTunes and simply put it as an HTML link in your Theme’s Twig.

That’s how it would be done with any CMS.

“How and where” depends on the theme itself, as all can put the site structure in different Twig files, all found under user/themes/[yourtheme]/templates/, I suppose you want a visual link (image) in the top navigation, or in the sidebar?

Thank you @flaviocopes! I failed to mention that I am hosting the audio on my server as pagemedia for each podcast (which is really just a Grav blog entry). With that in mind, I want to be able to submit the feed to iTunes to pickup new episodes.

I’m assuming that a plugin to generate the XML for the feed is the best approach, or am I missing where this functionality may already be baked into Grav?

Oh ok it’s the opposite of what I was thinking - I was thinking, embed the iTunes feed in your site.

I’m reading here http://www.podcast411.com/howto_1.html that iTunes expects a special format for podcasts, so it’s not something built-in.

Some work is required then,

You can tweak the Feed plugin and copy this file https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-feed/blob/develop/templates/feed.rss.twig to feed.itunes.twig so by calling yoursite.com/blog.itunes will construct a feed with the correct format (I’m assuming every blog entry is a podcast entry - otherwise feeds actually work for collections, so you should be able to create a blog under /blog and your podcast under /podcast and grab the RSS of the podcast with /postcast.itunes)

I’m going to play with this and see if I can get it working. Looks pretty straightforward. Thank you for taking the time to research and share!

I’m just going through the process of migrating a website into Grav with a podcast. So I’ll be getting this working pretty soon. Have manually migrated 30% of the podcasts now.

If anyone else has made some progress please let me know, otherwise I’ll start diving in. It looks like there will needs to be a certain structure for it to work correctly, e.g download/file url.