Social media plugin and font awesome

Hi, I come back (again ;)) to find some clue about fontawesome.
I recently added two plugins : social-media-links and embed-fontawesome.
I installed the second one because at first I thought problems where coming from it.
Actually when displaying the bullets from socialmedia, I get a “?” and when digging into code, everything seems ok (cf. sshot) ?
does anyone have the social media plugin working ?
thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Capture d’écran 2022-05-04 à 20.02.04

ok, I did some more investigations.
First, of course there is some svg stuff inside, this is the code for “?”… how stupid I am.
That was just meaning it did not find fa-twitter for example.
I decided then to remove social-media-links as clean-blog theme already got some lines for it. Same behavior.
So, I also removed “embed font awesome” plugin. And… miracle :slight_smile: I finally got icons !
so strange…
I actually have no time to dig further and understand why, it’s working and it’s ok for me. But one day, I will search and understand why :smiley:

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@Francois, Plugin embed fontawesome tries to replace all fontawesome icons it finds in a page by injecting inline svg code into the html of the page.

The svg code for each icon must be provided in folder /user/data/fontawesome/*

When processing the page, if it doesn’t find the proper *.svg file below folder /user/data/fontawesome/, it will (depending on the config) replace the current icon with inline svg code which shows a question mark. That’s the svg code you showed above.

thanks for the solution @pamtbaau ::slight_smile: Sometimes, simple things are much more better !
I guess embed font awesome is here for something, but in my case, it made it worse. Why fa-twitter / facebook or pinterest were not found… mystery.


That’s not a mystery… My explanation above might not have been be clear enough though…

The plugin does not use icon definitions provided by the theme, but only looks for files in folder /user/data/fontawesome/* matching the name for the fontawesome class .

If you don’t provide svg files in folder /user/data/fontawesome/ for each and every fontawesome icon you use, the plugin will inject the svg code for a question mark.

Ooooh I understand! It’ not a widget to improve or extend but to replace ! Sorry to be that slow brain :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::rofl: