Font Awesome plugin causes crash

Using grav v1.7.0-rc.11, adding the Font Awesome Embed or Markdown module crashes the site. Has this been observed by others? Here’s the error:

Grav \ Plugin \ EmbedFontAwesomePlugin \ IconNotFoundError (404)
Icon not found: “solid/code.svg”.

So, I have not installed any icons yet, but I would not have thought turning this on would crash.

I am using the default theme Quartz.

@andro, It seems throwing an exception is the default behaviour of Embed FontAwesome plugin.

You can change its behaviour by setting its configuration options. According the docs:

fail_behaviour ( hard / soft ): Behaviour when icon files are missing ( hard => throw an exception, soft => replace the icon with a question mark).

I think I would prefer the plugin to throw an exception (‘hard’) and show me immediately and clearely which svg is missing. A kind of fail early approach. When using the ‘soft’ approach a missing svg is easily overlooked unless every web page is checked carefully.