Skeleton Photographer: Contact Page Fields Not Visible

The contact page field not showing up under the location link. The demo version seems to display it but when I install on my server the fields are not visible. It has the map & says Contact. Looking at the structure folders, it seems all the files are there. How do i get the contact page to work properly?

Anyone? This is a vanilla install without any medications to the files. The contact fields aren’t visible on the location page and the about page.

Are you using some skeleton? Because the basic install only has a welcome page without forms.

You might want to check if the form plugin is present & enabled, otherwise any form fields won’t show up.
Find (or create with this content) a file called /user/config/plugins/form.yaml and check that the first line reads enabled: true.

— yaml
enabled: true
multiple: false
destination: '@self
- image/*

@Janne L
Thanks for the reply. I have tried that and still no show. There isn’t a folder call plugin in /user/config and I have created one and put the form.yaml in there. The file is set to enabled: true.
There isn’t a plugins in the folder you suggest but there is a plugins folder in /user/themes/photographer/templates/plugins. I have put the file in there,but it still doesn’t work.