Site not loading correctly
I’m really at a loss here. I put up this site for a customer. She has started telling me yesterday that it is not loading correctly. It works perfectly fine for me everywhere I have tested on various computers at home and in the office.

I have noticed that it does not load if I am using Verizon data on my Android (Lollipop) device. If I toggle off mobile data and use Wi-Fi it loads just fine. This makes no sense to me. I am hoping that someone has some insight and or could maybe point me in some direction.

I have posted it on a different hosting account here: and none of the issues are there; it loads just fine.

I have no idea if this is a hosting issue, a Grav issue not cashing correctly or something or maybe even a network issue. I did have a friend try on his Verizon iPhone (newest OS) and it loads just fine for him.

Any little help with pointing in a direction to look would be greatly appreciated.

It does load for me, although I do get an error in the web developer tools console which might be your problem:

Home | Baby Bloom 2016-08-11 10-36-09

You should add a favicon in the correct location to address this.

I finally added a Favicon, but yeah, of course that was not the issue. Still just very very slow load times when navigating around the site.

Actually loads pretty fast for me. I think it’s the hosting to be honest. Probably a location based issue.