Simplesearch routing problem

I’m stuck on a simplesearch problem. I’ve used the plugin before - but this is the first time I’ve used it with 1.7 - and I’m using Typhoon, the new theme.

The routing doesn’t seem to work - instead of going to www.whatever/search it always reloads the current page with the query attached.

Here’s my config file:

enabled: true
built_in_css: true
built_in_js: true
display_button: false
min_query_length: 3
route: /search
search_content: rendered
template: simplesearch_results
  category: null
filter_combinator: and
ignore_accented_characters: false
  by: date
  dir: desc
  title: true
  content: true
  taxonomy: true
  header: false
  - form
  - forms
  - media_order

After a query it just appends the query field to the current URL, and reloads:


I’m rebuilding our site “” and you can see the plugin works perfectly in the old version that is online - there, I get this:

current site is on GRAV 1.6.31, new one on 1.7.5
same plugin version, 2.2.1

Hope someone can help.

@dan-james, Using the ‘Blog Site’ skeleton with Grav 1.7.5 + Quark, which contains the simplesearch plugin it seems to work as you are describing for 1.6.

  • Browsed to http://blog-dev/blog/hero-classes
  • Entered ‘London’ in search box
  • Result is shown in http://blog-dev/search/query:london

What happens if you switch to Quark?

Thanks @pamtbaau - I don’t why I didn’t think to check that. It works fine in Quark, but doesn’t work in Typhoon, just as it doesn’t work in my edited copy of Typhoon. So the problem is in Typhoon. @rhuk have you come across this issue before? cheers, Dan

@dan-james, I think it’s better to log the issue at: Issues · getgrav/grav-premium-issues · GitHub

Hey @dan-james, I fixed this issue with Typhoon today. Try updating to latest v1.0.9.


Thanks Djamil, I’ll upgrade today : )