Shop Skeleton - subcategories

I’ve made progress with this in that I can place orders and I’ve created new products (yay!).

I’d like to be able to have subcategories but, when I create them (using the Admin Panel plugin), the link from the parent to the subcategory looks like a link to a product (e.g., there is a price area, and buttons for “Details” and “Add”). I based my subcategory on the Geek Toys category and just positioned it under Geek Toys (which was renamed “Headsets”).

You can see the page at if you click on “Headsets”. You will find a subcategory called “Below Headsets” and in that is the “Rocket Doc” T-shirt which I just moved into the subcategory by changing the Parent on the Options tab of editing the page.

Any ideas as to why my subcategory “Below Headsets” looks sort of like a product?


Installed versions:
Grav version 0.9.42
Admin Panel [v0.5.0]
Email [v0.2.1]
Form [v0.3.0]
Login [v0.3.3]
reCAPTCHA Contact [v1.0.7]
Error [v1.3.0]
Snipcart [v1.3.0]
LightSlider [v1.3.0]
Problems [v1.2.0]
Antimatter [v1.7.4]

This shop skeleton is really just intended to be a sample of what can be done, rather than a full fledged shopping solution. There is no logic currently to support more than 1 level of categories mixed with products. You would have to build and experiment with that.

Thanks, I think I’ll be doing that!