Server Error after transferring Domain and Webspace to new Owner

Hello Guys,

I’ve recently sold my Domain to someone and I transferred the Domain and Webspace to his account. We both use the same domain/host provider.

However, it doesn’t really work. When I try to open the website it shows me a Server error. Please look at the screenshot:

I have the theory that it has to do something with SSL script for Https. I had https activated through my account but the new account doesn’t have it at the moment.

Do you know what the problem could be?

Please help :smile:


Hi Daniel,

i just played around on a local installation with enforcing ssl and providing valid and invalid certificates - even without any certificate.
Besides the browsers warning the site showed up without any further problems.

perhaps the grav.log or httpd log would provide some more detailed information.


Hello Odde,

Thank you. The Server Error is about the “shortcode handler” or “shortcode core” plugin apparently. That’s what it says in the screenshot, no? Would it help to deactivate that plugin before transferring the whole webspace?

Like here. I just deactivated it. Would that help?