SEO for taxonomies

Hi I’ve been configuring my own Grav website using Receptar as bases, and there are just a couple things that got me a little bit confused (sorry if this is a really dumb sets of questions).
This is the website:

  • How do I get to have on a folder (I’m using the blog template), to have their own descriptions (SEO)? Right now, they’re always showing the same one as the sitewide config. I’ve tried adding a tag to the, but couldn’t make it work.

  • My search is just not running at all (

  • Same goes for my related plugin, which doesn’t display anything. I wanted it to show related posts from the same folder, or the taxonomy Category. Couldn’t make any work.

Sorry. Url changed to

Now, the search is getting 0 results (how come? =/)

If you want each page to have its own description or other seo metatag, you can use the metadata template provided by the antimatter theme. Just include it and add you meta via the advanced tab.

Thanks @paulmassendari. I’ll give it a try. Actually I made a few work. Now my biggest issue is still on search , as also the related I can use Google Adsense for now (not ideal, but works)