Missing css

Hi guys… Loving the system so far.

I set up this test site and all is working great

However when I migrated it over to another server all the CSS is missing?
I noticed it was running php 5.2 so for that updated but it still seems to not be working. Any ideas… Here’s the live site

I think you just need to clear the cache as your live site has cached references to your development site (just view the source and look at the <style> and <script> tags. To clear the cache the easiest way is if you can SSH to the server:

bin/grav clear-cache

More information on the CLI commands in the docs.

If not the next easiest way is to make a small edit to one of the /user/config/ YAML files, this will trigger a re-caching of the data.

The last resort is to delete all the content in the following directories: cache/, images/, assets/

That should sort it for you!

Awesome…that was it. Completely forgot about clearing the cache! Didn’t think it would be that simple.

Thanks for your help rhukster - Love your work!