Not able to change page?

Hi, I installed the grav-skeleton-rtfm-site skeleton. But I could change the folder structure. I changed the folder name and the file. But every time I reloaded the site, all contents went back to what it was. It seems there is a cache and cannot be dumped. Every time I load the web site, it loads what it was before. Anyone had the same problem?

Grav by default uses the best cache available, that may be APC, or Xcache, or just files. The safest option in your case is to set the cache from auto to files, and then clear all caches with:

$ bin/grav clear --all

This will clear everything Grav caches. If it still caches, then it’s upstream on your webserver with a proxy or cache server such as Varnish.

When developing you can turn off the cache in the System settings, if that’s easier to you, and then re-enable it once the site is done.