RSS feed to combine items from multiple page children


I was wondering if it’s possible to populate a RSS feed in Grav with a combination of multiple page children.

E.g. ‘global.rss’ would pull through items from /news children and /blog children

I’m hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction if this already exists, or if there is a way to implement this.

Thanks in advance

Take a look at Grav Plugin Feed. Scroll to ‘Config Defaults’:

You can override any of the default values by setting one or more of these in your blog list page where sub_pages is defined.

It seems you can manipulate the feed output using:
items: @self.children

This should be a good starting point?

The other method would be to create your custom feed template. I haven’t done that with Grav yet but have done it on WP. As long as you use the correct RSS syntax … you can query (foreach) the subpages you would like in your feed.

Hi @slarcher, thanks for the reply.

Yeah I thought modifying items would be the way to go but I can’t seem to merge two collections together, e.g.
@page’: ‘/news’
@page’: ‘/blog’

@page’: [’/news’, ‘/blog’]

Not sure if anyone else has come across a similar requirement?