Trouble With Feeds

I think I have everything set up like the Blog Skeleton, but I must not because I get 404 errors at and at

The installation instructions say:

The feeds work for pages that have sub-pages, for example a blog list view. If your page has a `sub_pages` header variable that defines a taxonomy or `true` to display sub-pages, then the RSS plugin will automatically be enabled. Simply append either `feed.atom` or `feed.rss` to the url.

I don’t see sub_pages defined anywhere in Blog Skeleton or my site.

What have I missed?

If you use a default blog skeleton you found the feed to

Ah the install instructions are out of date, we did change how feeds work. @namaless is correct, feed’s should work on any page, that has children, and if your blog is, then the feeds would be (or .atom).

10-4! /blog.rss it is!

Nice to know you are happy now lol :smiley: