RSS feed with the ability to optionally show and hide published posts


I require the ability to have a separate RSS feed to the ‘Grav Syndication Feed Plugin’ in which I can choose which items appear in it via a checkbox in the Admin CMS. The existing RSS should pull through all items (as it does at the moment), however the new RSS feed should only display the selected posts.

Could someone point me in the right direction if this already exists, or if there is a way to implement this.

Thanks in advance

You can search the plugins directory to see if anything meets your needs. It doesn’t look like it. So you’ll have to write your own plugin. It should be relatively straightforward. There are a number of plugins that create admin screens, so copy one of those to get your initial interface. And then look at the basic Feed plugin for how to generate the final RSS/JSON. There’s a whole section in the docs that covers how to write plugins.

Hi Perlkonig, thanks for the reply. I had a look through the plugin directory and the Github repo for the current RSS feed plugin to see if there was anything similar.

I’ll see if I can take the basis of the current feed plugin and rework it for my requirements.