Routes link to external file

Is it possible to chain link to file? I have website, where one item in footer menu is linking to pdf file, but client want it to link on certain url (like a, I think it’s somehow possible with routes configuration, but am unable to make it work …

here’s my site.yaml conf routes section

/cs/gdpr: ‘/download/GDPR_OKTOURS_CZ.pdf’
/en/gdpr: ‘/download/GDPR_OKTOURS_EN.pdf’

whats wrong with it,
whats wrong with me?

my pages structure is like


Hi - I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with you :slight_smile:

Can you tell us how it is not working? What happens when you request the rerouted URLs? 404? Can you access the PDF URLs in the download folder directly (e.g. ?

yes, 404
and yes I can access the file when I put absolute uri to browser.

Well, it seems neither redirect approach is working
i have my alias like a
/cs/gdpr … and redirect /download/file.pdf

but it throws 404 again

well, as Chemical Brothers sing…

how and why,
did I die?

but thats not my case fortunately, I’ve somehow managed to redirect the link to pdf file…


/gdpr: ‘[301]

but now comes harder part!

I don’t know how to redirect it to another language since, rules of redirect as written in manual work only after lang/slash …

I’m so close, desperately seeking for help.