Responsive mobile navigation

I’m building a blog for myself and when I view the site on my PC or phone it looks great but on my iPad the navigation looks really cramped because it shows the full navigation bar instead of hiding it behind a menu like it does on mobile.

How can I change the cut-off point for when to hide the navigation? Where does Grav determine this? I would like it to switch to mobile navigation way sooner than it does on the default Antimatter settings.

What theme are you using? Some themes provide this with the Theme Setting page.

I built my own theme on top of Antimatter following the theme inheritance instructions so I don’t think that’s possible.

I was hoping Grav would have some general template file in the default theme where you could alter the Javascript (if that’s how the navigation bar works?) the same way you can change CSS with custom CSS.

Oh, I should have caught that mention of Antimatter in your original post🙂 I do not know how to do that with Antimatter myself, hopefully someone else can help you out.