Antimatter docs

hello, are there any antimatter docs available?

I’m afraid Anitmatter itself has no specific documentation. We have general documentation for theming:

If it’s related to the tag syntax in the .html.twig templates then the Twig documentation is your best bet:

and specifically for templating:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here.

thanks for the reply… I am looking for any reference to fonts, formatting, buttons, panels, etc

That is all broken down in the SCSS files. If you have Chrome, you can use the inspector and it will identify exactly what line and in what file the CSS element is defined in:

For example:

Home | Grav 2014-09-18 08-41-32 2014-09-18 08-41-41

thanks for the direction… enjoying using this product. refreshing way to build a cms!

question… when the screen is rendered on a phone, how do I change the navbar? I am not seeing a ‘collapsed’-type definition

Look at the antimatter/partials/base.html.twig . There is a div called sb-slidebar, this is where the mobile navigation is rendered:

one more question… I have an image for the logo div… can I change this when collapsed?

It’s all just HTML and CSS at that point, you can do whatever you like. I can do my best to give you some pointers, but will need more information/screenshots.

ok… notice the nav bar… on a computer it looks like

on the phone I’d like for it to look like

thanks for the direction!

You should use a mediaquery and set the new centered logo in the header in the mobile view. You can see examples of this technique used all over. Just search for @include breakpoint in the scss.