[RESOLVED with reservations about dropdown settings] Gantry 5 menu editor: how to top align submenus in a Supra site

How can I top align the submenu items in the screenshot?

I have looked through the scss files but cannot find the entry that needs to be overridden.

Thank you for any advice.

I have looked at three possible workarounds:

  1. Use the Simple Dropdown style

Nobody else likes this !!!

  1. Accept the centered Default Drop style (as above post)
    Nobody else like that much either !!!

  2. Install Simple Menu particles at level 2 where needed

That will do the job, once styled.

BUT to find a way to top align the submenus would better.

Thank you.

The simple answer to this problem is to put an equal number of entries in each column of the main menu layout. It’s a marketing opportunity!

A technical solution with varying numbers in each column is beyond me :pig:

I missed the macro that displays the submenus. The solution was to override center with flex-start in g-navigation g-grid {@include align-items(center);} in _navigation.scss.

It would be better to g-navigation g-grid {@include align-items(flex-start);} in the Supra theme unless there are ramifications elsewhere on the site.

Simple dropdown type also needs attention as it displays a vertical list of character as shown above.