How to code Scroll bars in Drop down menus?

Hey Everyone,

We have a problem with a g5_helium theme on Grav.

The drop-down menus which appear when you hover over the navigation are very long for some of our menus. On short pages the bottom of the menu drops below the bottom of the screen, but the menu has no scroll bars to enable us to access the lower items.

Does anybody have any advice on how to code scroll bars into the drop down menus and where to add it within Grav?

The problem is well described in this page: but that is from 2009.

Is there a simple way within Grav to fix this problem ?

Hi RhysHowells,

I think you can fix it just through CSS. Give the drop down list container a max-height and set the overflow to auto.

   max-height: 50px;
   overflow: auto;

HI ginofa,

Thanks for your reply and sorry im getting back to you so late on this.

I’ve added that bit of css code to the following scss location within gravity:


It looks like its added it but its underneath my navigation menu that I already have and you can’t access the scroll bar at all - in addition its removed the blue background over the navigation menu dropdown.

I’ve attached the code with _mainnav.scss and the website.