Residue from mermaid diagrams plugin

Grav version 1.6.19
I am using a theme linked (just cosmetic changes) to learn2, and was using Mermaid Diagrams, then a week ago I removed the plugin via the admin panel - which seemed to work
A link check showed the mermaid css and js scripts links still exist in the generated html file although files are not present.
They are is also included in any new pages created.
I have manually deleted cache and bin folders.
Anybody ideas where this could is being picked up from?

Problem was indirectly solved, never found out where it was coming from, I suspect a host cache some where but couldn’t find it.
Ended up doing a new install of Grav, as the quickest way to ensure a clean site.
The first iteration of is up and running albeit a lot more information to add.

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