Resetting email passwords - no mail received

Hello, I’m unable to send password reset email, mail smtp settings are correct, mail log is enabled, log always empty, no emails received.

I’m using Grav v1.7.0-rc.8, email v3.0.7, admin v1.10.0-rc.8, php 7.3

What I’m trying to do is make the email work.
I assume future contact form email will fail as well if can’t get to work with password reset emails. Everything is basically default including theme with default admin plugins (admin. login, email).

Is this the mail log or Grav’s log?


Do you have the Email Plugin installed?

Yes, and it is setup as SMTP. I tries 2 different accounts and still unable to get password reset emails. I setup a basic php script with phpMailer script an it works so I don’t think it is the server.