Reseting password - Login plugin

The password reset page seem a bit broken. At least is shows a twig-tag. The promised instructions on resetting the password does not show up. Also the link in the ‘Password reset request’-mail seems incomplete.


This is the bleeding edge version of Grav. So is this a known bug or am i missing something?

/David S, Sweden

Today I’ve fixed the twig in the page - needed to set process.twig: true in its header. The first issue is strange, I get the button nicely formatted - could be an email client issue? Which client is that?

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 17

Yes! Adding process.twig: true did it! Should I expect an update to the login plugin to show up in the updater?
And yes, I am using Mailmate so its not that surpricing really. The link shows up nicely in the webmail (fastmail).

Still, I get no mail with instructions on password reset. I have checked the folders for spam, trash and deleted messages. Any Idea what I missed here?

Correction: It works perfectly well when I click the ‘forgot’-button at the admin-login but not when I am trying to access a protected page on the frontend or via the login form at

HEY! It works perfectly well! Its just that the dialog tells you to check your email for further instructions when in fact it should tell you to create a new password.