Related items not grouped in Sitemap plugin


I’ve opened the following message as a bug ticket on, but I don’t know if the plugin author is still actively maintaining the Sitemap plugin. That’s why I’m reposting the message here.

I’ve noticed that in v. 3.0 many pages are listed separately even though they belong to the same Grav page. See “politica-cookies”, for instance (

I have a single folder named “politica-cookie” with 3 files inside:


where EN and ES are translations of the Italian file. They have a different slug, because - following best practices - I have translated all URLs.

I would expect 3 different elements in the sitemap, with cross-referenced rel="alternate" entries, but, instead, I do have 3 different but there is no relation between each other.

Is this an issue with the Sitemap plugin or with Grav multilingual features?



Same here. Sounds like a bug