GRAV - SitemapEntry not found


I don’t know if that’s related to new GRAV updates, but since some weeks ago, sitemap plugin show me an error when i try to acces /sitemap page from my testing evironement.

Class ‘Grav\Plugin\Sitemap\SitemapEntry’ not found

From my workflow, i’m using local, testing, preview then live server.

From local all good, then i push changes to GIT system and deploy to testing ( server ) mode.

I’m asking, is it composer version ( error ), plugin sitemap ( error ), files sent to git are not fully updated.

Please to advice me.

I just had the same error on my production environment, but it works on my local one. Can’t find what’s wrong.

EDIT: I just fixed it by uninstalling the plugin, clearing cache and installing back again.
The file SitemapEntry.php actually changed to lowercase: sitemapentry.php, not sure why it was working on local (Windows on WSL) and not in production (Ubuntu 20.04).