Best approach with Grav to display list of documents on multiple pages?

For a course site I am trying to build with Grav, I will have 10-20 documents stored on OneDrive. Rather than duplicate listing certain files in multiple .md files I’d like to store them somewhere once and then use some sort of find command to match certain ones and then list them.

Right now I am thinking of creating a modular page, with n folders, each containing one .md file with a linked worksheet and use the function which I’ve used before.

Is the above a reasonable way to do things, or is there another recommended best practice? I do not want to over-engineer this either, but trying not to manually duplicate content on the site.

Thanks very much,

From your original description of requirements, I think that taxonomy (like tags) and then different page with collections based on different tags sounds like it is a better fit for you needs.

Thanks for the advice, might there be an example of that approach I could learn from?

There is nothing quite what your asking, but here is documentation about how to get a collection based on tag.

That looks like a good lead, thanks very much.

Did you get it to work?
I would also like to use the same system but I’m struggling to get it work on the skeleton called “Blog Site”, regardless of documentation information.
I’m testing out if my Tumblr-page could be a simple Grav-site. The buttons on the left simply show posts related to a tag.

Hi Manu, I have not yet had a chance to try this out but plan to do so in the next day or so. I will share the results and any TWIG examples here.

The forum just completely wiped out my detailed explanation :frowning:

I’ve now posted the source files using the taxonomy technique mentioned above. Explore the pages and themes related to Worksheets to learn more.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile: I will look into it

In particular, explore these files:

/pages/07.worksheets/_content-inventory-with-prioritization/worksheet. md


Please post any follow-up questions you may have.

Ah, that’s very good to know for future reference if I happen to put more sections to my blog.

I also put together some tests and the following structure seems to work fine for my purposes. However, the Home-page doesn’t yet show all the posts like I want it to, need to fiddle around it more later.