Redirect top Home doesnt work

I have the following issue, if you visit my site IT Starts at The end of the site and not at the header. Do anyone have an idea how to fix IT?

Thanks for help

I’d take a guess and say its something to do with your smooth scrolling script.
You’ve got two “service” IDs which isn’t allowed so probably confusing the script.
You might have the initial start point to be way far down the page
Or maybe the initial ID for it to start at is way down the page instead of first.

I’d start by disabling your JS script(s) one by one until the site starts working again.

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Thanks for Your answer i never changed something in JavaScript and two days ago it still worked. Any other ideas?

The problem is, the form has one field with autofocus turned on.

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Thank you very much it helped alot, the bug is fixed now.