Page not found, automatic redirect. No backup available, not sure what to do


I’m new to Grav, and I’m having major issues troubleshooting it.

The client made the following changes on their website:

  • Duplicated a page. This was (I believe) a listing page, since it contains multiple news article items.
  • made edits on the duplicated page.
  • deleted the original page.

The news article items are visible but the parent /news/ page is not found and it keeps refreshing infinitely.

Console log screenshot:

user/themes/m2/en/home DOES NOT exist on the server.
user/themes/m2/home DOES exist on the server.

I’m NOT receiving Grav Error 404 Page. The preloader never stops loading and then the page keeps refreshing infinitely.

I know this is a looong stretch and I apologize if I’m being unreasonable asking for directions.

Many thanks in advance.

Any chance you could share at least a header of that duplicated page? Could they try reverting the edits they did manually?

For me it looks like they added a malformed URL somewhere or some config is wrong. I believe instead of user/themes/m2/en/home URL the intention was to have /en/home.

Unfortunately, they can’t revert the changes because they don’t remember what exactly did they change…

Hmmm, header of the duplicated page as in frontmatter content? If yes, here it is:

name: News
title: News
    items: '@self.children'

I believe instead of user/themes/m2/en/home URL the intention was to have /en/home.

Where would I change this? I’m guessing somewhere in the files on the server but the client didn’t edit anything on the server, I’m 100% sure about that.

You need to find what exactly creates this URL. Based on the screenshot and return-as=json, I’d say it’s somewhere in JS (which I believe is custom or from some plugin) for some XHR request.

P. S. This return-as=json seems wrong and it should be just /en/home.json if implemented correctly