No redirect after installation

Hi guys,

I just installed a Grav instance on my server and everything is working fine and looking good, but when I navigate to the root url, it doesn’t automatically redirect me to the /home main article. Is this intended or did I do something wrong during the installation? If so and in either case, how do I create an automatic redirect so people who go to my URL can see the homepage? (I take it it couldn’t be the DNS not having propagated properly yet, right? if I manually navigate to /home it works just fine.)

Thanks for all the help and very cool project you all :slight_smile:

All the best,

You need to set the homepage in the System settings. It’s the first option you’ll find (Content -> Homepage)

Heya :smiley:

thank you for this! It actually was the DNS propagation that took longer than expected, but thanks a lot anyways, I know now where to change it in case if it was ever necessary :slight_smile: