Question: sensible defaults for update notifications


I’m working on a plugin to send email notifications whenever updates are available for a site. The functionality is pretty much in place. I’d just like your input on a few names and settings to launch the plugin with the most convenient defaults.

  • Name of the plugin: Updates, Notifications, Update Notifications
  • “from” address:, or the “from” setting in the email plugin
  • “from” name: Grav, or the name of the plugin f.e. Grav Updates
  • Check frequency: daily

Your opinions are most welcome!

Did you ever finish this plugin? I was considering making a similar thing, but if you’ve got the code kicking around any chance you could share it or submit it for inclusion in the GPM?

Hi @aricooperdavis

I did finish it and it’s now waiting for inclusion in GPM: [add-resource] New Plugin · Issue #3372 · getgrav/grav · GitHub.