Questions of a beginner

Hello guys,
I’m the owner of the blog and I wish to move it to Grav.
I’ve tried with the skeleton Pinpress here but I got some issues and things I don’t know how to do. Hope you can help.

  1. Create a page with sub pages shown
    When I create a new page, like Blog and I add sub pages (1 page per article), actually I cannot see the articles. What should I do to display the articles in this page?

  2. Pagination in 1 line
    I have 3x pages, but it is not that nice to see the full numbers, how can I have a pagination from 1 to 10 or something like this (in 1 line)

  3. Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
    I’ve used wp2grav plugin to convert my articles to flat files and add them to grav, but if I want to open one I got the error: "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded"
    Actually when I imported 1 article, it was good. But now I have imported all, and cannot do.
    Any idea? (or I got too many pages?)

  4. The simplesearch don’t work
    May be linked to the #3 point.

Thank you


1: If you want to display a submenu, you have to go in your theme settings, and enable dropdown: true

2: You can change this setting in the pagination plugin, from admin, go to Plugins -> click on pagination, and you should be able to set your “delta”.

3: Execution time might be too long on articles because pinpress use related pages, which might make the processing time too long with a huge number of pages.

4: It’s probably a problem with your configuration. You need a page for your search results, and when searching on your site, there is no redirection.

Hope it helps

Hi Paul,

  1. Thanks but it is not what I meant, in a page, I cannot see any content of the sub pages. My “Listing page” is not working. (Actually I cannot find any configuration on it). May be I need to add something in the frontmatter like “content:
    items: @self.children” etc… (if I understand the actual conf well) or turn the page as a Blog type of page (not default)
  2. Perfect. Thank you
  3. When I use Antimatter theme, I have the same issue. (Might be same cause). Any idea to fix this?
  4. I see. Actually my skeleton (and the demo) of pinpress is having this issue. I’ll check

By the way, any issue to have 500 pages and more? I use wordpress at the moment and it seems Grav might not be optimized for a lot of pages?

Big thanks

My “Listing page” is not working.

Is that on another page? because on your website, it looks like to work. If it is for an other page, you can set your collection in your listing page, by adding something like this in expert mode:

    items: '@self.children'
        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 10
    pagination: true

Regarding the 500 page limit, I would say this is the threshold where you need to take precaution to keep your website properly cached and fast, but I think Grav can handle it no problem.
A good host will be important for this.

I too migrated a wordpress website to grav with the pinpress theme, and it had more than 3000 articles. I had to tweak a few things and I remember I had to remove related pages, but the things worked.

Thank you for the update.
On the slow response time creating the error, I’ve disabled the related page plugin and it is much faster now.
I might move from WP to Grav then :wink: