Query string busting cache

I’m passing a query string to my grav site such as:
The ID does not affect the page render - it is for a javascript plugin to construct outbound links.
The presence of the querystring appears to be busting the cache causing a painfully slow page load time.
Is there a way to set the settings to ignore the querystring so that the cached mygravsite.com/mylandingpage is rendered quickly from cache while still retaining the query string for the plugin to parse the ID?

They query string should not be busting the cache. Doesn’t in my testing. My test pages load the same if i have a query string of ?ID=123 or none at all. Are you sure the load times are ok without the query string?

I concur - sorry for the off-topic question / false alarm. I just ran the two on a page load tester and both versions are 1.3 +/- .1 sec. to visually complete. The added code is not fired until window.onload so it shouldn’t slow down the load. Apparently I have introduced something that has slowed things down in general.

WebPagetest_Test_Details_-Dulles_nsp-elections WebPagetest_Test_Details-_Dulles_nsp-ele