Weird Issue when using url "test"

Hey, no real rush on this issue but I have been building some pages under the folder pages/08.test/. I just use this folder for building new pages before I push them live. Its not available in my navigation so I just use it for building galleries before they go “public”. Anyways. I have noticed lately that when I goto the page about 40% of the time it comes up with a 404 error page not found.

Actually it really only happens when I close the window and then reopen the page the first time. Kind of weird. All my other pages function fine.

I have added in the “slug” header into the page which seems to correct most of the issues. However should it not grab this by default based on the folder name or does GRAV need a bit of massaging sometimes?

That is pretty strange. I went t your /test url a few times and it always loaded fine. Even the first time I went there.

Couple of things to note:

  1. I noticed your page loads initially with no CSS (Raw HTML), then the CSS loads and is applied providing your styling. I looked in your page source, and see this is because your css loading is way at the bottom of the page near the </body> tag. This is actually not valid, CSS loading must be in the <head></head> tag. JS can be at the bottom, but its not so important to do so now we have async, onload, and other things. If you move your CSS output up into the <head> tag your page should load better.

  2. If it works ‘sometimes’ the really only culprit could be the cache. Try turning the cache off and seeing what the behavior is. That might help identify the specific issue.

  3. If you want a page hidden but routable by default, you can just omit the number in the folder name. Ie 08.test becomes test. This will make it available, but woudln’t show up by default in any navigation that was routing thr ough visible menu items.

  4. I actually use the exact-same 08.test folder in one of my testing sites and it has never had an issue. So i’m pretty sure it’s nothing specific to the folder name itself.

Let me know your findings, so we can find out what’s going on!

Thanks rhukster. I am aware about the css but thanks for bringing it up (I am glad you guys do care about validity!). I had it in the footer for testing reasons with a preloader javascript I was having some conflicts with. I will test with the cache on and off and also remove the navigation number and see. Thanks for the help once again!

I had another question about cache and minification but I think Ill make a new post.