Quark drop down menus issue

Hi, I’m new on Grav and have an issue when changing the theme from ‘Antimatter’ to ‘Quark’.
There are some drop down menus on the website but it’s impossible to click on a menu that’s under the ‘main’ menu’s ‘DJ Dakta’ and ‘DJ Jo-ëL’. (see screenshots)

When I hover over ‘DJ Dakta’, you see 2 menus: Pix and Live Sets but it’s not possible to click on Live Sets because the dropdown disappears once you are passed ‘Pix’.
What am I doing wrong?
For the time being I’ve activated the antimatter theme again so that the menus would be working.
Thanks for your advice.
DJ Dakta

Hi djdakta,

Quark theme is still in beta, so you might indeed encounter some bugs.
This one has been posted on the quark repo here: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-theme-quark/issues/9 and it will probably be fixed soon.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your answer.
It is indeed the same issue as the one reported on the quark repo.
I hope it will be fixed soon so I can start using it on my website. :slight_smile:

Hi djdakta, hi paul,

i am also new on grav and trying to build a website using quark.
Submenus are selectable and working as expected but i started with quark and didn’t switch from antimatter.
I am running grav 1.4.0-rc2 and quark 1.0.2 at the moment.
Maybe this is environment related.

Hi pmo,

When I use Quark on Grav 1.4.0-rc2 I don’t have any problems.
Only when I install the Quark theme on Grav 1.3.10 that I encounter this issue. :frowning:
I hope that this issue will be resolved soon because I like the Quark theme! :slight_smile: