Disable dropdown menus in Quark

I’ve just moved my blog over to Grav and am generally very happy with it. As it just a personal blog, I’m pretty content just using the default Quark theme which seems to do everything I need.

The only slight irritation is the dropdown menus. I don’t really want my header link to ‘blog’ to have a drop down list of every post.

It looks like you can disable them in Antimatter, is there any simple way for to do the same in Quark?

Hi @brokenbones, the easiest way to do this is to set the “visible” to “false” for each blog post, doing so will then not include those pages in the menu but they remain fully accessible.

Alternatively, my Quark Open Publishing theme (based on Quark) has this feature as a Theme setting option which you could use yourself. If you want to be sure any theme modifications are kept during theme updates you should set up an inherited theme, as described at https://learn.getgrav.org/16/themes/customization#theme-inheritance