Problem with non-english language

i 'm facing a weird problem with greek characters (Greek is the main language for my site).

Content written with greek letters gets compiled and rendered in html with the opposite of the default font-weight.
I have tried to force font-weight by using inline css in the .md files but that doesn’t work either for the greek characters.

I would love some help because as awsome as grav is, i can’t really write any content that

PS. I 'm posting an image to help you understand the issue.

Ah I think your problem is that the default fonts used are not supporting all the Greek characters.

You have a couple of options:

  1. Change to standard system-supported fonts rather than Google fonts. To do this, you will need to edit the following .scss file:
  1. You can add the latin-extended characterset for each of the fonts your having issues with. For example, in the user/themes/antimatter/scss/template/_fonts.scss file:
@import url(//|Raleway:300,400,600|Inconsolata);

would change to:

@import url(//|Raleway:300,400,600|Inconsolata&subset=latin,latin-ext); 

For both of these approaches you will need to recompile your .scss into .css. To do this the easiest thing is to install SASS then run the file in the root of the antimatter theme folder.

Thank you so much for the very detailed answer!

Indeed the problem was with the (default) google fonts (Montserrat,Raleway,Inconsolata). Unfortunately these fonts don’t support the greek subset (2 of those actually don’t even have a latin extended subset) so Greek letters were being rendered with the next font which is helvetica.

Also thank you for explaining to me that i have (and how) to recompile the scss files!

No problem!

this didnt work for ü,ä,ß and so on. on google fonts, it works with Raleway, but not on the blog site.

Did you add this the appropriate scss file in the blog skeleton? Did you recompile the scss after?

Wow, this was extra useful! I wish I could solve my multilang dates as easy :slight_smile:

And big thx to rhukster, he’s answering every damn question live!