Problem with the installation

Hello, i have uploaded the files on my server and i have this problem in the screenshot…how i can solve this? Στιγμιότυπο 2015-07-09, 21

You have to change the permissions of the files you downloaded. Go to the root directory of your grav instalation in the console (the directory where the grav index.php is.

sudo chown -R username:www-data .
sudo find . -type f | xargs chmod 664
sudo find . -type d | xargs chmod 775
sudo find . -type d | xargs chmod +s
umask 0002

where username is your username and www-data is the group the server belongs to (in debian/ubuntu systems with apache2 its www-data).

then go into

cd bin
find . -type f | xargs chmod 774

This might work for you.

When you say to go into you mean index.php?

More details on permissions in the Troubleshooting section of the docs.

i found the solution on this problem. It is not so rellative in my case the permissions. The problem there was that i had to create a directory with the name phpsessions and after on php settings i have to write the full address … session.save_path :/var/www/vhosts/ …