Installation in Debian

Hi, I tried to install Grav under Debian but no success. When the page load, the message shows “…is currently unable to handle this request.”. I can show the default page of Apache and use “phpinfo” to load the php information. in the PHPinfo page, it shows zip, xml, gd, openssl, curl, mbstring, zip are all enabled. So anything else? Does anyone have the same issue?


Hmm… i’ve set things up on Debian and Ubuntu many times and have never yet seen that error :). There’s really not much to it and you would of had to of messed with your httpd.conf to break it so that PHP does not get picked up by default.

I don’t have a guide for Debian / Apache, but here’s a guide i found that might help you out:

Even though this is not a Debian-specific issue, I in fact encountered the exact same screen as you when installing grav on Debian. I was stumped until I checked the php error log. In my case, it showed a directory grav sets up for cache could not be created for lack of permissions. Even though it is not documented, Grav installation depends on the account running php to be the owner of the web files and directories. Changing permissions on the parent directory fixed the problem.

The key for me was checking the php error log. I did not think of that at first. The reason I didn’t look there immediately is the installation instructions gave me the impression there would no need for any action except unzipping the files into the directory where I wanted to run them. Even though it made no sense to think this, I figured that meant there was no way a php error could be part of the picture.

That’s a good suggestion @danallenhtn, thanks for stepping by and leave this hint for those that might stumble on this in the future!

Thanks @danallenhtn, I change the permission of the folder and the web is good to go now.