Fonts in antimatter theme

How can I change fonts in antimatter theme? When changing something in the _typography.sccs it seems to have no effect. I noticed that the google font import always points to Montserrat. Am I missing something?

you need to recompile the scss into css. Please read over the customization documentation as it explains the best approaches to making modifications including template inheritance and also recompiling scss files.

I compiled the scss into css. I can see the changes in the compliled css but they seem to have no effect. Still the default Montserrat font is used. Or do I have to make the import manually?

There’s a couple of places. The import where the fonts are loaded from google is in scss/template/_fonts.scss:

@import url(//|Raleway:300,400,600|Inconsolata);

Then you have to edit the font-stack reference: scss/configuration/template/_typgography.scss:

$font-family-default:  			"Raleway", "Helvetica", "Tahoma", "Geneva", "Arial", sans-serif;
$font-family-header:  			"Montserrat", "Helvetica", "Tahoma", "Geneva", "Arial", sans-serif;
$font-family-mono: 				"Inconsolata", monospace;
$font-family-serif:				"Georgia", "Times", "Times New Roman", serif;

Have you tried to add a custom.css? There should be no use for compiling, if you use this …