Arabic Content

I started reading ant testing Grav yesterday. Today I’m trying to write the content in Arabic.
The Mrakdown files ( ending with md) do allow Arabic language (even tough it appears in the wrong order, but the final output is correct) .
Now my issue is that I can’t style it with a font style. Is there a setting that I need to be aware of in Grav ?

الرئيسية RimaWorks

This is where I’m trying to add the css:

My folders and files are in English , I didn’t change any settings. I’m using the Pinpress theme.
Also I noticed some Themes don’t display the Arabic letters correctly (they look as if they are disconnected chopped in between).

Solved it. Apparently the style.css that comes with the theme is specifiying another google font. I forgot to change the style.css font-family to the one I want.