Problem with Admin Panel

I have a strange problem with Admin Panel. when I try to upload my “Login Custom logo” in tab “Customization” of the plugin and then save I receive this error:

file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/Compiler.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/

I have already uploaded the site twice, but the error is still there.
I have followed the same procedure many times for other websites on my VPS server and never had this issue.
Any Idea hot to solve this?

Working in Grav v1.7.30 - Admin v1.10.30.2 Gantry 5.5.11 and Helium 5.5.11

@maria, It is often not really appreciated when the same question is cross-posted only a few minutes apart in two different forums. In this case Github and Discourse.

Please let the community know that you have cross-posted the question to prevent two groups of people spending time on it.

Then when the issue is resolved, please cross-post the solution.

Will do - I supposed that Github and Discourse issues were examined by different developers, this is why I posted in two different forums-
Sorry if my supposition is wrong :roll_eyes:

That is probably the worst reason… By doing so, you set different (groups of) developers at work for you without them knowing so. They might not even know the other has already answered the question. In the end, the developer(s) of one forum has/have just wasted time and effort.

Therefor you should let both forums know upfront where you have cross-posted the question.

Ok let’s close this post saying I’m sorry - Hope that my apologising is enough!
in the meanwhile the issue is still open…

@maria, No need to close the post. It has already been marked as a cross-post.

Yes, it sometimes takes some time to get an answer. Unfortunately, OpenSource doesn’t have a customer support desk one can call.

It seems you’re not quite pleased with the way I pointed out the netiquette about cross-posting. Sorry, if my remark lacked any subtlety… :wink:

NP, I only wanted to explain why I have posted the same issue in two different forum…Sometimes it’s hard when an issue crops up and you can’t find a way to solve it
No offence was taken… :wink:

It looks very much like PHP is complaining about you uploading your graphic from a folder it doesn’t know is OK.

That’s a PHP security setting, open_basedir. Do you have control over the PHP settings in your environment? It’s not listed as a PHP requirement for Grav and I’m not sure how safe it is to adjust. On my sites it’s undefined.

Hope that helps.

@hughbris: thanks for your reply. I can configure open_basedir, but I’ve never had this problem with other sites with the same open_basedir configuration.
Anyway the problem has solved on its own.
I suppose it could be an issue cropping when I transfer sites from localhost where there is no SSL to live environment with the https protocol.