Frequent error: file_get_contents(): read of 8192 bytes failed with errno=13 Permission denied

I’m frequently getting this error in the admin section, e.g. when saving a page. It started since the last Grav update (Grav v1.7.34 - Admin v1.10.34) though I don’t know if that’s related. Any ideas? Should I open an issue on Github?


@yankl, Since it only happens when using Admin, I would suggest to open an issue at the Admin repo.

Thanks for your advice! Actually, I see someone has already opened an issue there:

There are 325 open issues currently in Admin.

@hughbris + 341 open for Core + ?? for plugins and themes. And I think they are already busy with v1.8.0-dev. Tough job for only 3 devs…

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Just saying don’t expect any resolution quickly. You might get lucky on Discord.

Hi all,
I have been trying to work out this one, since upgrading on the day it came out.

On the github entry listed, I have added as much info as possible, but as of tonight I think I have a solution updated on the github issue.

Thought it was an admin / plugin issue at the start but it relates to grav 1.7.34 and the php version you are using.

You can get by, by refresh your browser page every time the error comes up (way to break things is simply change the template in the advanced tab to a different template and save) press f5 / ctrl r to reload the page.

I had to roll back to use php 7.3.9 and enable reverse proxy lookup in the system.yaml (due to feed and admin / ajax errors)

So if you using php 7.4 or 8.x then stick with 1.7.33 of grav , if you want 1.7.34 , downgrade your php.

Now after figuring that out over the weekend … I am going to bed… peace out ! lol