Possible solutions for TOC on long pages?

Hello everyone,

I have a long page (a kind of tutorial) which I am trying to make more user friendly. Having a TOC at the beginning of the page seems like a good option. Therefore I am researching possible ways of making TOC derived from markdown headings used on a page.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a built-in solution (that I have overlooked)?
  2. Does Grav TOC Plugin work only with markup, or is there a way of using it for makdown as well?
  3. Is there another plugin that would do the job, apart from forementioned Grav TOC Plugin and Grav Plugin Toc v1.4.1?

THX, your help is greatly appreciated.

@sue, From a search on this forum on ‘toc anchors’, I found Grav Anchors Plugin.

Could that plugin serve your needs?