Auto generate Table of Contents (TOC) | pointers and ideas are welcome!

Hi all,
Here is what I’d like to accomplish:
I’m implementing a wiki like function using grav, letting multiple users contribute content.
here is the mock layout of the directories

├── 00.toc
└── 01.articles
├── article.1
├── article.2
├── article.3
├── article.4
└── article.5

  1. grab H1 element accross all article directory
  2. auto generate TOC in 00.toc page.

Q1. is plugins like Page Toc able to go accross directories?
Q2. OR should I go the page.collection way?


I’d start with page collections. You could do some variation of this using a plugin or pure Twig.

Thank you for the pointer.

Looking at the plug in I thought page collection was the way to go.