Plugin update after grav 1.7.6 update gives error

After the upgrade of grav to version 1.7.6 I update the plugins.
After the update there is an error when I want to access the plugin section.
Can somebody help?

I suppose one of your plugins/themes use the noscript template. Admin changelog states

  • Removed noscript template, because 2021…

One way, is to search through plugins and themes to find what uses partials/base-root template and ask for developer to fix it or as a workaround to remove the line which calls noscript template. Or maybe it’s your custom template?

I had the same problem and deleted the folder “/cache/twig”.

That did the trick! Thanks for the solution!

I had the same issue after this update. Appreciate you sharing the solution. Cheers!

Does anyone of you know which plugin/theme it is that uses partials/noscript.html.twig and partials/base-root.html.twig?

I think it would be appreciated if someone creates an issue at the repo of the plugin/theme.

I only found it in the Twig cache. Therefore I have deleted this. None of my installed plugins or themes use partials/noscript.html.twig.